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          ovs-tcpundump(1)              Open vSwitch Manual             ovs-tcpundump(1)
                 ovs-tcpundump - convert ``tcpdump -xx'' output to hex strings
                 ovs-tcpundump file
                 Common options:
                        [-h | --help] [-V | --version]
                 The  ovs-tcpundump  program  reads tcpdump -xx output on stdin, looking
                 for hexadecimal packet data, and dumps each Ethernet as a single  hexa‐
                 decimal string on stdout.  This format is suitable for use with the of
                 proto/trace command supported by ovs-vswitchd(8) via ovs-appctl(8).
                 At least two -x or -X options must be given, otherwise the output  will
                 omit  the  Ethernet  header, which prevents the output from being using
                 with ofproto/trace.
                 --help Prints a brief help message to the console.
                        Prints version information to the console.
          SEE ALSO
                 ovs-appctl(8), ovs-vswitchd(8), ovs-pcap(1), tcpdump(8), wireshark(8).
          Open vSwitch                        2.10.90                   ovs-tcpundump(1)