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          Using bash command-line completion scripts

          There are two completion scripts available, ovs-appctl-bashcomp.bash and ovs-vsctl-bashcomp.bash respectively.


          ovs-appctl-bashcomp.bash adds bash command-line completion support for ovs-appctl, ovs-dpctl, ovs-ofctl and ovsdb-tool commands.


            display available completion or complete on unfinished user input
            (long option, subcommand, and argument).
            once the subcommand (e.g. ofproto/trace) has been given, the
            script will print the subcommand format.
            the script can convert between keywords like 'bridge/port/interface/dp'
            and the available record in ovsdb.


            only support small set of important keywords
            (dp, datapath, bridge, switch, port, interface, iface).
            does not support parsing of nested options
            (e.g. ovsdb-tool create [db [schema]]).
            does not support expansion on repeatitive argument
            (e.g. ovs-dpctl show [dp...]).
            only support matching on long options, and only in the format
            (--option [arg], i.e. should not use --option=[arg]).


          ovs-vsctl-bashcomp.bash adds bash command-line completion support for ovs-vsctl command.


            display available completion and complete on user input for
            global/local options, command, and argument.
            query database and expand keywords like 'table/record/column/key'
            to available completions.
            deal with argument relations like 'one and more', 'zero or one'.
            complete multiple ovs-vsctl commands cascaded via '--'.


            completion of very long ovs-vsctl command can take up to several

          How to use:

          The bashcomp scripts should be placed at /etc/bashcompletion.d/ to be available for all bash sessions. Running 'make install' will place the scripts to $(sysconfdir)/bashcompletion.d/. So user should specify --sysconfdir=/etc at configuration. Meanwhile, if OVS is installed from packages, the scripts will automatically be placed inside /etc/bash_completion.d/.

          If you just want to run the scripts in one bash, you can remove them from /etc/bash_completion.d/ and run the scripts via '. ovs-appctl-bashcomp.bash' or '. ovs-vsctl-bashcomp.bash'.


          Unit tests are added in tests/completion.at and integrated into autotest framework. To run the tests, just do make check.

          Bug Reporting:

          Please report problems to bugs@openvswitch.org.