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          ovn-controller-vtep(8)        Open vSwitch Manual       ovn-controller-vtep(8)
                 ovn-controller-vtep  -  Open  Virtual Network local controller for vtep
                 enabled physical switches.
                 ovn-controller-vtep   [options]   [--vtep-db=vtep-database]   [--ovnsb-
                 ovn-controller-vtep  is  the  local  controller daemon in OVN, the Open
                 Virtual Network, for VTEP enabled physical switches.  It connects up to
                 the  OVN  Southbound  database (see ovn-sb(5)) over the OVSDB protocol,
                 and down to the VTEP database (see vtep(5)) over the OVSDB protocol.
                 ovn-controller-vtep retrieves its configuration information  from  both
                 the  ovnsb  and  the  vtep database.  If the database locations are not
                 given from command line, the default is the db.sock  in  local  OVSDB’s
                 ’run’  directory.  The datapath location must take one of the following
                        ·      ssl:ip:port
                               The specified SSL port on the host at the given ip, which
                               must  be  expressed  as an IP address (not a DNS name) in
                               IPv4 or IPv6 address format.  If ip is an  IPv6  address,
                               then  wrap ip with square brackets, e.g.: ssl:[::1]:6640.
                               The --private-key, --certificate and either of  --ca-cert
                               or  --bootstrap-ca-cert  options  are mandatory when this
                               form is used.
                        ·      tcp:ip:port
                               Connect to the given TCP port on ip, where ip can be IPv4
                               or  IPv6  address. If ip is an IPv6 address, then wrap ip
                               with square brackets, e.g.: tcp:[::1]:6640.
                        ·      unix:file
                               On POSIX, connect to the Unix domain server socket  named
                               On  Windows,  connect to a localhost TCP port whose value
                               is written in file.
          Open vSwitch 2.5.90           ovn-controller-vtep       ovn-controller-vtep(8)